Photography as Therapy

‘We do not see the world as it is, but as we are”

I use my camera like a butterfly net, to capture and preserve fleeting moments.  

Don’t worry about buying expensive gear, or producing award-winning images. The best camera will always be the one you have with you. 

Taking pictures is a great way to feel more in tune with your surroundings. We can learn a great deal about our inner world by being mindful of how we experience the outer.  

Actively focusing on the things you enjoy doesn’t make all the “bad” stuff disappear, but it will draw your attention away from it.  Conversely, when you focus on the negatives they will soon seem to outweigh the positives.  It is a constant balancing act; becoming aware of our responses, being mindful of the choices we’re making and why, and continually adjusting our sails

Think in terms of social media:  the more we “Like” and share certain types of posts, the more similar ones will appear in our feeds. We can shape our user experience of The Real World much as we do our online environment.

If you are interested in exploring photography as therapy, you might consider booking a guided walk with a qualified Art as Therapy practitioner.

“A man cannot not step into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man’ Herakleitos c. 535–475 BC