African Animals Getting Drunk From Ripe Marula Fruit

Nicholas Bakalar for National Geographic News Almost anyone who has read a travel brochure about Africa has heard of elephants getting drunk from the fruit of the marula tree. The lore holds that elephants can get drunk by eating the fermented fruit rotting on the ground. Books have been written asserting the truth of the […]

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Hope Howell with porn star Alex Torres

Skydiving sex stunt sparks US investigation

A porn video featuring a skydiving sex stunt over California is being investigated amid concerns it may breach federal aviation regulations. The video shows porn star and part-time skydiving instructor Alex Torres having sex with the company’s secretary Hope Howell as they plummet towards the earth over Kern County, the Daily Mail reports. Police were […]

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Cancer drug trial halted in UK for being too successful

Doctors halt prostate cancer treatment so others can benefit. Picture: ThinkStock THE trail of a new drug for prostate cancer was halted in the UK because the results were too good. Doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London concluded that it would have been unethical not to offer it to all 922 cancer patients […]

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Dutch soccer club signs up 18 month old toddler

A 18-month-old boy may be the youngest star to have scored a football contract after being signed by Dutch soccer club VVV-Venlo. Baerke van der Meij shot to fame last week after his father, Jorg, posted a video of his talented son shooting three balls accurately into his toy box. Baerke van der Meij (centre) […]

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Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Why you should listen to her:   Brene Brown studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. Brene Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past ten years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. She spent the first five years of her decade-long study focusing on […]

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US student shows how to listen through steel walls… and send 50W while you’re at it

Tristan Lawry says his technology can reduce the need for drilling holes in submarines. It’s also good for spying on bad guys. WHOOPS! Looks like it might be back to the drawing board for the world’s spy agencies.   A US student has posted a video on YouTube that proves electronic signals can be picked […]

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YouTube – A crew of British military were each given LSD 25 (Acid)

A crew of British military were each given LSD-25 (Acid) This is a British army sous-titre archives of the 60’s and it demonstrates the effect of drugs on our brain. Several soldiers were given LSD and then monitored. Health Hazards Under the influence of LSD, the ability to make sensible judgments and see common dangers […]

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VIDEO – 1950s Housewife in LSD Experiment

From a television programme, circa 1956, about mental health issues. Dr Sidney Cohen, was dosing volunteers at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr Cohen, seen sitting at a table and wearing a lounge suit – his legs crossed in the classic I’m-a-scientist pose – interviews the unidentified housewife, who is dressed in her […]

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P!nk shocks with graphic self-harm, attempted suicide, anorexia scenes in ‘F…in’ Perfect’ video clip

Kathy McCabe From:The Daily Telegraph Disturbing scenes … P!nk’s graphic new video for her single F**king Perfect is expected to shock. Screen grab from You Tube PREGNANT pop star P!nk has sanctioned graphic scenes of self-harm, attempted suicide and the ravages of anorexia in the video for her single F…in’ Perfect. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO […]

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Oh, Ricky, you’re so fine! The Punch

by  Jason Tin There are a lot of therapists in Beverly Hills rolling their eyes right now. Through a performance at the Golden Globes that has outraged the HFPA and other acronyms, British comedian Ricky Gervais may have crushed his Hollywood dreams (he gave it a fair whack in Ghost Town, but this may really […]

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