Missing wedding ring found on carrot 16 years after it was lost

A WOMAN has miraculously found her white gold wedding ring on a carrot in her garden – 16 years after it disappeared. Lena Paahlsson of Sweden took the white gold ring off while baking with her daughters during Christmas 1995, but it vanished from the kitchen counter where she had put it. The family searched […]

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US airport agent in trouble over vibrator joke

A US airport security agent who found a vibrator in the baggage of a transatlantic traveller, and then advised her in writing what to do with it, is facing disciplinary action. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said Wednesday that a handwritten note that lawyer and blogger Jill Filipovic found in her checked luggage was […]

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Scrabble scandal: Strip down and find the ‘G’

Controversy at the World Scrabble Championships with accusations a contestant hid a tile. A MISSING “G” tile led to accusations of cheating and a demand for a scrabble competitor to be strip-searched at the world championships. It is the biggest scandal to rock the event since a player accused another of eating a tile The […]

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Police are considering whether to charge Jacob Kiss, 19, who dressed as 'Gumby'. Picture: AP

‘Gumby’ robber turns himself in

  A MAN who attempted to rob a 7-Eleven store in the US city of San Diego dressed in a full-body Gumby costume has handed himself in to police. Jacob Kiss, 19, who dressed as the famous claymation character during the stunt, surrendered voluntarily with alleged 19-year-old accomplice Jason Giramma, The San Diego Union-Tribune said. […]

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Evangeline Lilly has a gassy past. (AAP)

‘Lost’ star farted on plane passenger’s face

Lost actress and former air hostess Evangeline Lilly once “saved up all of her gas” mid-flight and farted in a passenger’s face. The stunning star said she “let it rip” in the man’s face because he had been rude to her during the flight. “I was really struggling that day, because I had really bad […]

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Man faces court after Police catch him drunk driving a motorised Beer Cooler (aka Esky)

A NOOSA man faced court last week on drink driving charges after Police intercepted a motorised Esky back in June. The defendant told the Judge that the Esky could fit “a couple of cartons” of beer in it. Picture: Thinkstock Police alleged Christopher Ian Petrie, 23, with driving under the influence and driving without a […]

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British man removes wart with shotgun, also loses finger

The man did not regret his method of wart removal saying “it was giving me (a) lot of trouble.” Picture: Jupiterimages A BRITISH man blasted off his own finger with a shotgun to remove a wart that would not clear up with ointments and creams. Sean Murphy, from Doncaster in northern England, got rid of […]

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Shrek Forever After

‘Beautiful people’ website hit by Shrek virus that allowed ugly applicants to sign up

A social networking site for ‘beautiful’ people has been hit by a Shrek virus which allowed tens of thousands of ugly applicants to sign up. Members of BeautifulPeople.com must pass a strict rating stage where existing users vote on whether someone is attractive enough to be accepted into the online community. But this screening process […]

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Man offers half his salary to find a wife

A 38-year-old Illinois man is willing to pay half his annual salary to anyone who can find him a wife, and has even set up a website to promote his cause. Paul “Handsome Paul” Gutierrez has started a website called “Can anyone find me a wife?” which lists exploits of his unsuccessful pursuit of love, as […]

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Angry senior citizen locks bell ringers in church tower

A GROUP of professional bell ringers was locked up in a British church tower by a fed up senior citizen. The team had travelled from the south of England to the northern English village of Sharow to practice a three-hour peal, but the man – believed to be a local resident in his 70s or […]

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